Seven ways to generate sales leads for your business

Most websites these days make a reasonable living for the business they represent online, but even if you think yours is pretty much perfect, you shouldn’t rest on your laurels. Look carefully at the returns that you are getting and make sure that you are not wasting even a second of this vital resource.

#1 Catch the ones who get away

It isn’t feasible to expect to make a sale to every single person who visits your website, but you can take steps to catch some of them who at the moment leave without buying. Lead Forensics lead generation software will help you to follow up these lost customers as it will tell you what they were looking at, how often and what other pages they had landed on. You can follow it up with an email but also if the same page seems to cause people to leave, you could look at it and see if there is something you could improve.


#2 Watch out for Google updates

Most people make sure that their website is doing well on the usual Google updates such as panda which check for poor content and weak links, but what they often forget is looking at other places which are linked to the main pages. If these are weak, then it will still impact on your own ranking and many online businesses have been hit by this and wonder why they have dropped. With updates happening sporadically, you can be left low for ages until the next one comes around, so get onto it now!


#3 Make them an offer!

It depends on what you sell, but if you are finding that sales are dropping it may be that everyone who wants one, has one! The best way out of that is to add an offer to your page – buy one, get one free is the classic of course, but so is free postage or click and collect, which is gaining ground with people out at work all day. If your product is technical, how about offering an extended warranty – what you should be looking at is value added, and make sure you flash it clearly on the landing page.


#4 Be tablet and smartphone savvy

It is now an accepted fact that more people browse the net away from PC and laptop than they do at home, so you need to make sure that your website is compatible with all kinds of device. It isn’t the case that people who fail to get into a site on their phone will go home and try again – what they will actually do is go elsewhere. If you haven’t done so already, check with your web designer that you are tablet-ready or, and this is probably quicker, check yourself by dropping in on your website from a mobile device.


#5 Email marketing is a must

If you have been in business a while, you may remember the days of flyers, stuck under windscreen wipers and handed out to shoppers or put in newspapers. These are still popular, of course, but most end up in the bin. Far better is email marketing – this way you have targeted selling to people who have visited your website as well as any who have ‘liked’ you on social media. Lead Forensics lead generation software will mean that your address book is never empty and by following up on abandoned baskets you can often seal a deal.


#6 Are your paid campaigns paying their way?

When marketing online it is not possible to set something up and then just walk away and leave it. You have to keep on checking to make sure it is earning its keep and if you are investing in AdWords or a similar program you need to ensure that your money is in the right place. If it isn’t bringing results, change it.


#7 Teaching granny to suck eggs!

Sometimes the most obvious things are the most important and if you have had a website for a while you may feel that you are already doing everything right. But if you don’t have good quality content, well-written by an SEO expert and if your website takes a month of Sundays to load, you might just as well not bother, so have another look and if it is looking tired, is full of typos or slow as a glacier, then change it.