Support for Lead Generation Software

Although lead generation software can be a powerful addition to your business, when it comes down to it it’s only a tool to help your business succeed. You don’t want the complexities of the software to get in the way of your actual running of the business.

For this reason, a good level of support from the software vendor is vital. To begin with, try one of the free trials which most companies offer – the free trial length varies from 7 days with Lead Forensics and WOW Analytics, to 30 days for A1 Webstats or Ruler Analytics. This will give you a good feel for how the software works and how long it could take to master it, but should also give you a good idea of what the company’s support is like: after all, if you can’t get good support during a trial period when you’re a potential buyer, what chance would you have once the sale is made?

In most cases, the initial setup of the software will be fairly simple and something your existing IT department or web agency should be able to handle, although if you find support even at this basic level to be lacking, then steer clear. For ongoing support, most packages offer at the least email support, some offer live online chat, while for telephone support you may need to look at one of the pricier packages.

But to get the best out of lead generation you need more than simple technical support, which is either available as an added extra – for example the higher-priced platinum tier of A1 Webstats includes 30 minutes per month of telephone support with their experts, helping you to get the most out of the software’s features – or as standard and unlimited with a top end product.

The more expensive packages are more powerful, and so can take more effort and expertise to really make the most of, so this is where dedicated advisors come in. They offer full telephone support not only on technical software issues, but on ways of using the tool to improve your business, and even suggestions for improvements to your website (one powerful aspect of the top end lead generation software is to show up any flaws in your sales funnel, which can then be improved).

Another thing to look out for is how open to feedback the software company is. In one example, not only do Lead Forensics provide a dedicated ‘Customer Success Manager’ who will advise on getting the most out of the product, they actively seek customer feedback on how the software can be improved, and so to ensure that the software is constantly evolving they are very keen to work with their clients closely to the benefit of all concerned.

All in all, if you want to dip a toe into lead generation, one of the cheaper packages with no contract length may be suitable, but if you want to make it a profitable and long term part of your business, then one of the top end packages which offer second to none customer support must be the way to go.