Lead Generation and Server Reliability

We’ve all from time to time come across websites that are down. It happens, even the ‘big boys’ like Google or Facebook can suffer the occasional technical problem and become unavailable. For most people, being unable to access a free service such as Facebook is at worst an annoyance, but if you’re paying a subscription for access to a site you can expect more.

And if you’re paying good money for a service which is an integral part of your business then you definitely want any downtime to be kept to an absolute minimum.

What, you may be asking, has any of this got to do with lead generation? The answer is in the way most of the software available works. When a visitor views one of the pages on your website, a line of code embedded in your site contacts the lead generation software servers and passes the basic visitor information to them. The servers then do all the work of identifying the visitor and retrieving whatever more detailed information each brand of software can provide, and in the case of lower-end software such as A1 Webstats collating the data into reports. The higher end packages can also insert the data into existing CRM systems for instant use by your sales team, examples being Visistat (at an extra cost) or Lead Forensics (as standard).

With all this going on behind the scenes, it’s obviously imperative that the company’s servers are available and performing well at all times, and they should be taking great pains to ensure that this is the case. While it’s not always true that the more you pay the better the product, it’s worth considering whether some of the cut-price offerings out there may be shaving corners on server reliability.

If at all possible, sign up with a vendor offering a Service Level Agreement (SLA). All systems can go down from time to time – that’s an unfortunate fact of IT life – but you can have greater confidence in a company who will guarantee a certain level of service and undertake to pay compensation if they fall below that.

After all, if every lead is vital, you don’t want to be missing out because an outside agency over whom you have no control is out of action.