Lead Generation Software – Pay Monthly, or a Yearly Contract?

If you’ve decided you like the idea of lead generation, and are keen to try it for your business, you’ve probably got as far as pricing up the various software options available on the market. When doing this, probably the first thing that stands out is the wide variety of prices quoted for different packages, and related to this, the options of paying monthly or signing up for a longer contract. Which should you consider?

At first glance, a simple monthly fee with no tie-in period might seem the best bet, giving you the chance to dip your toe into the concept, and see if you can make use of it in your business without committing yourself to an ongoing expense. This makes sense, but if you look closer there’s a little more to it than that.

Firstly, the monthly prices quoted on the various websites might not be all they appear. Apart from often featuring a limit on visitors you can track with the basic package (e.g. Canddi, Ruler Analytics) which may or may not be enough to cater for your needs, you can often make savings by rejecting the monthly option and signing up for the same package for a longer term.

Secondly, you need to consider support. The cheaper monthly options will likely only feature basic email support along with the aforementioned limited visitor numbers, and for something with more comprehensive support option you may have to pay more than the headline figure quoted on the website.

As you move up the scale in terms of both software sophistication and cost, support becomes ever more important if you are to make the most out of what lead generation can offer, and this is where the option of paying yearly really comes into its own.

By locking in to a longer term contract, you are likely to develop a closer relationship with the vendors, with the real high-end packages such as Lead Forensics offering dedicated ‘Customer Success Managers’ who will advise on every aspect of the software and how it can benefit your business. Lead Forensics level of support is very unlikely to be available on a low-cost monthly option.

So it’s a trade off: paying monthly will give you the chance to try lead generation with no commitment, but signing up for longer-term deal will likely save you money in the long run, and the superior support that comes as part of the package will ensure that you harness the power of lead generation to a much higher level than a simple monthly deal will allow.