Free Trials – When Longer Isn’t Necessarily Better

Lead generation has the potential to revolutionise any online business operating in the B2B sphere. The power it can have to turn anonymous site visitors into fully qualified leads has obvious attractions, but this is an emerging field and to get the most out of the concept can take a lot of work and experience. This is why most companies offer a free trial to help you get to grips with the software before you take the plunge into something that could have huge ramifications for your business.

This complexity is also why a long free trial isn’t necessarily what you need to be looking for – but why not?

At first glance, a free trial lasting a full month will give you ample time to decide if lead generation can benefit your business, and to some extent this is true – if you’re not seeing any benefits within a month, then it may well be that it’s not a good fit for your vertical or your market. But that’s only half the story.

The key to getting the most out the lead generation concept is making proper use of the data it provides. It’s all very well being furnished with a list of visitors to your site who didn’t become customers of their own accord, but unless you can understand what stopped these visitors becoming leads, your efforts to follow them up are unlikely to be overly successful.

And this is were a high service company like Lead Forensics comes in. Although their free trial period only lasts for seven days compared to the fortnight or month some competitors offer, they will not only help you set up the trial but help you make sense of what might at first appear to be bewildering new information. Is there really an alternative to Lead Forensics when they offer this level of service? Lead Forensics can instruct one-to-one on how to interpret the data the service provides, how to use it to generate new business, and how to spot when it flags up possible problems in your existing conversion funnel.

Any data is only as useful as the insight you can glean from it, and a month’s worth of meaningless data from a long free trial is worth next to nothing when set against a week’s worth of actionable information that could have a direct impact on your bottom line – and that’s before you’ve signed up to spend a single cent on a lead generation package.