How Lead Generation Can Help Email Marketing – Part One

Email campaigns are a mainstay of many an online business marketing strategy. By building a targeted list of people who have shown an interest in your product range, regular mailings can drive traffic to your site and hopefully increase leads and therefore sales.

However, email marketing on this model has a significant weakness: if using the scatter-gun approach of mailing your whole list with the same offer, it’s likely that many recipients will not be precisely targeted and will either simply ignore the email, or in the worst case, become irritated with seemingly irrelevant messages and unsubscribe from the list.

Lead generation software helps solve the problems associated with email marketing in two main ways. In this first article we’ll look at how better targeting can improve response rates, while in part two we’ll look at maximising the results of a campaign.

Lead generation can improve email response rates by making it easy to build targeted lists of prospects who can be sent a highly relevant sales message rather than a one-size-fits-all email. If you analyse past visitors to your site to see which areas they viewed but then didn’t make contact, and cross reference this with your existing list, it’s easy to see how your list can be segmented into recipients likely to be more receptive to different offers or messages.

For instance, if a company representative on your list has a history of looking at only one part of your site and nowhere else, there’s probably more to be gained from sending a tempting offer on that part of your range than a blanket sales message.

Not only will these extra-targeted emails have a better conversion rate, they will also cut down on list churn by reducing the amount of messages the recipient receives and also increasing their relevancy.

While most lead generation software can do the necessary analysis of leads to identify individual prospects, to build a targeted mailing list a data export function is desirable. Surprisingly, this seemingly simple feature is not always available – Visistat and A1 Webstats both lack data export for example.

If your company engages in email marketing then a higher end product such as Lead Forensics which supports visitor identification, sorting and data export could significantly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Read part two of this article for more on how lead generation can improve email marketing.