Lead Generation : Allocation of Leads to Team Members

As seen elsewhere in this section, different lead generation packages have different methods of passing on leads to be followed up, and which method would most suit your business will play a major part in deciding which software to sign up with.

At the most basic level, a list of potential leads can be delivered by email to a specified address on a daily basis. This is adequate for simple use, and can indeed reveal new leads that might otherwise have been overlooked, but it’s far from the most powerful way of using the lead generation concept.

By contrast, very high end software such as Lead Forensics and WOW Analytics plugs directly into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems including Salesforce and others. While undeniably a powerful feature, this is perhaps overkill if your business does not have a busy sales team ready to act on leads the minute they become available. Are there any alternatives to Lead Forensics who are the obvious market leader?

In the middle of these two extremes we have what is perhaps the most useful lead delivery feature for small to medium businesses – allocation of leads to specific members of the team.

WOW Analytics does half of this job, sending a list of all leads to a central admin account, which can then be allocated manually to the various available salespeople.

Lead Forensics and Visistat both go one step further though, allowing different leads to be automatically allocated to specified team members according to criteria which can be set up as desired.

What are the advantages of this? Well, several spring to mind. Firstly, work can be spread automatically among your staff without the bottleneck of a supervisor having to go through a list of leads and allocating them by hand. This is not only more efficient, it ensures that leads can be actioned as quickly as possible.

Secondly, the use of custom ’email triggers’ means that different leads can be sent to different salespeople according to their capabilities and strengths – for example, one member of the team may have a proven track record in selling one part of your product range, another may have expertise in a different area. It’s easy to see how automatically passing the right leads to the right staff could increase conversions.

Finally, if a potential ‘golden’ lead appears which could be of high value, it makes sense to pass this to a senior member of the team with more experience and more chance of bringing in the conversion.

Automatic allocation of leads is a very powerful feature, whether done by email, within the software, or by integration with CRMs. The ability to do this to whatever level of sophistication you require is a feature of the high-end packages such as Lead Forensics, which sets them apart from the simpler and cheaper alternatives.