Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics: What’s the Deal With It?

Recently, people have been inquiring about a lead generation tool known as Lead Forensics. I did a bit of research before diving in and must admit I had some pretty strong apprehensions about the setup and application of this tool.

Considering I run or am a partner at several businesses serving businesses, I was excited to see if this could work for us.

The first thing I appreciated about the entire setup was the ease of application. You and I both know how crazy and non newb friendly some of this stuff can get. This was simply placing a line of code on to my website. That was a breeze and very refreshing in the world of digital solutions.

Basically, how Lead Forensics works is by tracking the IP addresses of your website’s visitors. They then reverse look up the “who is” and distinguish which business is surfing around on your site. Even if they do not engage you will have their data. This is a great way to eliminate cold calling.


Now, I think the worse way to use this is to collect the data and send it to a cold call list. Terrible idea in my opinion, and kind of creepy if you think about it.

“Hi, my name is so and so and I noticed you were looking at the following pages of my website…Are you ready to buy?”


Yea, I am hanging up if that happens. That is worse than a cold sales call, another personal opinion, but I digress.

If we use this information to retarget our potential customer on Facebook or display ads around Google, you can close the sale for a few dollars and not look like a pushy car salesman.


Another essential ingredient in any tool or service I procure is the support or training that comes along with it. I like to have questions answered promptly, concerns addressed, and issues fixed. While I really had no major problem with Lead Forensics, in the least bit, any time I had a question, support was on point and polite.


To recap..


1. Lead Forensics gives you a line of code to copy and paste on to your site. This is very basic, and their amazing support team will help you if you have any trouble.

2. Once the line of code is pasted on you can monitor what businesses are coming to your website. You can track what pages they looked at and even what search query they used to get there.

3. Using this data we can then compose marketing/remarketing campaigns with a super targeted audience of customers that already had some level of interest in your product.


We still use this for one of our businesses as the success we had from it was more than quantifiable. I saw some cheaper spin offs of this floating around, and really the difference is apples and oranges. To me it would seem like buying a fake Gucci bag or a Honda with a Ferrari hood. Go with the best. I am a major critique and do not recommend products that suck. These guys do not suck.









Newb Friendly
I like that this is not the typical B2B sales solution. It is not a saturated outlet and if used intelligently can be an extremely non invasive tool to turn leads into sales. It is not the cheapest solution on the market but it offers a far superior tool than it's competitors. Besides, who wants the cheapest everything for their business?