Improving B2B Marketing Efforts With Lead Generation

All marketing comes at a cost. Whether it’s offline advertising, direct mail, online pay per click, or search engine optimisation, you want to be as sure as you can be that the money you spend is having a positive result.

This is easier in the online arena than with more traditional offline marketing. It’s possible to track visitors from site entry to sale or abandonment, and to tweak either your site or sales message according to the behaviours uncovered. All modern web site analytics software has features to facilitate this to one extent or another, but lead generation software can take this a subtle yet important step further.

The difference lies in the greater precision with which you can identify a visitor. As well as tracking paths through the site, conversion ratios and so on, lead generation gives you much more background on each visitor which can really help you optimise your marketing efforts.

To give an example: If you are running a business to business marketing campaign aimed at attracting new custom from medium to large businesses, and you see a lot of unidentified visitors or ISPs responding to your efforts, then this could be a sign that your marketing is reaching consumers rather than businesses. This is not foolproof, as many harried business people may be doing research at home after hours rather than through their identifiable company network, but it’s a flag to take notice of, and it might pay to see if your targeting is as good as it could be.

Likewise, if you see a large amount of visitors from businesses in sectors somewhat related to your target market, but who are not likely to be buyers, it can be a sign that either your keyword selection is off-target, or your sales message is not appealing to your market with enough precision.

These are just two examples of how the lead generation concept can help optimise your marketing, but with the in-depth intelligence a package such as Lead Forensics can supply, the potential is there to zero in on your target market with a precision unheard of before this technology came onto the scene.