Are there Viable Alternatives to Lead Forensics?

The lead generation sector is growing almost exponentially and is becoming universally recognised as a vital part of any businesses online strategy and there has been no company more successful in exploiting this growth market than Lead Forensics. The crux of the service that they offer is in ensuring that you can find out more about those visitors to your fancy new website that come and go with no further contact. Who are they? Where are they from? What industry do they work in? What services do they appear interested in? This information is a major boost for ROI on online spend, cuts cold calling expenditure, augments B2B sales and marketing efforts alike and is obtained and delivered simply and effectively as part of Lead Forensics core service. Their performance has led to industry awards and the domination of the market. But surely there are alternatives? This article will show that yes, other companies do exist and offer good alternatives, but even they, it would appear, often point to Lead Forensics as the market leader in terms of performance as well as market share.

As with most walks of life, to get the best you need to pay a little more. Lead Forensics can seem a little pricey compared to some of its competitors, but the fact is that the alternatives are not yet really worthy of the ‘competitor’ tag. Let’s take A1 Web Stats as an example. A cursory search for alternatives to Lead Forensics will take you to their site. A site which, staggeringly dedicates much of its space to praising the merits of Lead Forensics! It could be seen as a strange ploy – I mean, can you imagine Reebok devoting much of its homepage to praising Adidas? No – but it certainly is a novel approach and does ingratiate them to the average reader and perhaps enhance their trust level. But perhaps not all is as altruistic and symbiotic as it might first appear. I mean, a big part of this seemingly suicidal idea is that if they mention the biggest and best lead generation Software Company enough then of course their site will appear high up in the Google rankings. To paraphrase Baldrick – ‘what a cunning plan!’ While the reviews for A1 Web Stats’ services are rather glowing, even they seem keen to eulogise over Lead Forensics, even if it is for self-serving and arguably rather duplicitous purposes.

Another company that is cited as an alternative to Lead Forensics is IP Fingerprint, who like Lead Forensics use IP tracking, but of course, have less competitive edge and resources and so are likely not able to compete on the same playing field as their competitor. Despite their disadvantages they are cheaper, offer month to month contracts and they do have a good reputation as a viable secondary option. Perhaps, though, looking for a serious alternative should lead to the focus shifting on a competitor who uses slightly different technology to create a background picture of virtual visitors. Such a company is CANDII. Their point of difference is that they use Cookie Tracking software, this means they are able to distinguish between employees at the same company and treat them as individual cases, for example. This, they claim is a major benefit – but just how many real life cases are there of the same company being after multiple contracts from yours? It seems a limited boon and then there is the rather dubious reputation that could be earned from a company that adds cookies to every visitor’s device. Most antivirus software can flag up and eliminate cookies, which could also confuse matters.

As well as Lead Forensics being a market leader in their field they were also rewarded by way of a national award for being in the Sunday Times list of the top 100 companies to work for in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. This ensures that if you choose Lead Forensics to handle your online lead generation information provider you are likely to be dealing with a representative and team that are highly motivated and driven to provide the best possible service and with a smile, too.

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