5 Ways to Generate Sales Leads Online

1: Social Media Attention

The importance and power of social media cannot be ignored. It is a medium that can generate thousands of leads providing that you ensure enough attention is given to making your Facebook and Twitter content work for you.

It should be recognised that social media works not only in brand awareness terms and interacting with customers, but also for giving a boost to your sales avenues.

Social media must be nurtured just like any other part of a business and here are some tips on how to look after yours.

Share and update content: publishing fresh and interesting content to your Facebook and Twitter pages is the most effective way to utilise the power of social media. Combine this with links to blog posts, exclusive discounts and offers and the odd competition to boost followers and leads.

Nurture your followers: It is vital to build little relationships with your online audience. A little familiarity goes a long way. You can share information to demonstrate your competence and areas of expertise. Utilise LinkedIn groups that are pertinent to your area of business. Once you have established a rapport with your online followers you will earn their trust. Dialogue with your online audience can be great. Interaction is key.

Give your customers a voice: By engaging your social media followers you can persuade those that have become customers to add their feedback and thoughts. Rather than having a dedicated testimonials page on your website why not make every page a testimonials page. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and more and more, social media proof is the most important kind. This type of content will boost lead generation no end.

2: Utilise Lead Generation Software

The lead generation software market is benefiting from profitable times as the strategy is becoming ever more vital in the armoury of businesses looking to optimise lead generation. Nobody has taken advantage of this niche market better than Lead Forensics. Their special skill set and experience positions them optimally in being able to allow you to find out more about those visitors to your fancy new website that come and go with no further contact. Who are they? Where are they from? What industry do they work in? What services do they appear interested in? This information is a major boost for ROI on online spend, cuts cold calling expenditure, augments B2B sales and marketing efforts alike and is obtained and delivered simply and effectively as part of Lead Forensics core service. Their performance has led to industry awards and the domination of the market. It is a bold company CEO who concludes that there are better alternatives to Lead Forensics.

3: Minimise Calls to Action

By minimising the number of ‘calls to action’ we mean laying a clear path which a user is subconsciously guided, online to do what you want them to do on your site. A ‘low friction’ call to action that is easy to find such as a free guide, membership offer or webinar can be very effective. If you do want a ‘high friction’ offer to take its place on your site – such as a complimentary assessment (this will usually require the customer to give more information) then this should be set up carefully so as not to put off a potential lead. For instance a ‘free guide’ option is low friction and this can be placed on the homepage alongside a ‘learn more’ option. The latter will lead the visitor to the high friction offer to set up a free assessment. This is known as a barbell approach and has a proven track record in lead generation.

4: Use the PESOF approach

Strategic Objectives have come up with an acronym to cover your lead generation approach.

P – Paid amplification of your content

E – Earned media through public relations

S – Shared content – that is both owned content that others share, and found content that you     share with your audience

O – Owned content like websites, blogs, social connections, etc.

F – Found – use a Search Engine Optimization strategy to identify the keywords your audience is searching for, and then utilize these keywords in your content creation strategy and web copy.

5: Smart Content over Bulk

Be intelligent when it comes to content creation and website population. Relevance is the key.