5 Lead Generation Tips for Your Website

If you have a website, the chances are reasonably high that you are looking for Leads. Here are my top 5 tips of how to get more business.  The first 4 are how to get more, and then my best tip, is how to ensure these convert.


People search now.  In the UK it is generally Google, but sometimes Bing or Yahoo. Organic search is still really important, as the traffic can be considered free. In order to be able to rank however, you need content and links from other sites.  The content is easy if you love Marketing.  Write about the thing you sell, like you love it. Links can be more difficult however. How do you get these?  Unfortunately, Google still consider links to be the most important measure of any website.  Different links have different values, and some links can actually damage your reputation now, but essentially SEO… (Search Engine Optimisation) is still the same as it was 15 years ago, when Google first revolutionised the Search stage, by using links from one site to another as a vote for the site the link was pointing at. If all of this sounds too complicated then consider hiring an SEO consultant or an SEO agency to work on your behalf. These services can be costly but the return on your investment can be excellent if you get good organic search rankings.

Pay per click is quicker, but the costs are high.  It is essential to work your campaigns to focus only on the phrases that convert, and as quickly as possible, get as many negatives listed as you can to save wasted clicks. For example “Sales Leads” might be a great phrase for your to bid on. However you will soon discover Google is keen to send you “dog lead sales” if you are not careful.  Every market has its own issues.


Don’t expect a flood of order or enquiries from Social, but a gradual build up of connections, awareness of what you do, and desire for your products will mean that you can start to reach potential  customers who were previously unaware of you, or the need they have for your service.


If someone has given you their email address, then it means 2 things.  You must respect it, and you must give them what they are expecting.  If you have promised them great tips, then give them great tips.

Email is not an opportunity for your to hard sell your product, but an opportunity to build a desire for a product. I am told Millennials are the most canny when it comes to avoiding marketing that is pushed hard.  They have so much pushed at them, they have a super sensitive inner ear to tune it out. Email is the same as every other form, except you have a personal opportunity to reach a customer. Don’t blow it.

Direct Mail

with everyone hitting email so hard, and the ever growing difficulties of short attention spans, direct mail can offer a great opportunity.  If an the right postcard or letter lands on the right desk, then it might stay there for several days or even weeks, constantly nagging the potential customer to do something with it. An email address  that needs constant work, might well need only one card.  It depends on your customers of course, but they can be very effective, out performing email. Imail is a superb tool for sending as many mails as you like, at a very attractive rate.


with all these leads coming to your website, and the effort that you have put into them, it is key that you convert them as best you can. Therefore, if you are selling B2B, then it is vital that you know who is visiting you. The best tool for that is Lead Forensics. Read our Lead Forensics review to find out more about what they can do. There are cheaper alternatives, but the cost is small compared to the value of the leads, so consider carefully before you go for one of the cheaper alternatives. Are you getting the best data? What Lead Forensics does, is to look at the IP address of the customer on your website. You can get it to alert you when certain people visit you.  So if you know that Jack from Shell was at a conference, and you met him, you will know when he visits your site, and what he is interested in. You will know when to make that key follow up phone call. And no miss the opportunity like everyone else does.